Communication and values

Company communication is consistent with the fundamental values that characterise the corporate philosophy, where the efficiency of business organisation is combined with human dignity, and values such as creativity, harmony and sense of beauty are constantly underscored

The corporate communication strategy hinges on:

  • communicating the values embodied in the company’s philosophy;
  • communicating the taste and lifestyle of the Brunello Cucinelli universe.

Company communication is gracious and done using those means most suited to the luxury high end; it stands out for its way of interpreting humanity.

This corporate philosophy is strongly rooted in the humanistic culture and in the teachings of ancient figures such as Socrates, Aristotle, Seneca, Alexander the Great, Marcus Aurelius, Saint Benedict, Saint Francis, Saint Augustine, Dante and Palladio, targeting social and existential “well-being” that goes hand in hand with the growth of the company’s true value.

INVESTOR_ABC_December_2016 - Brunello Cucinelli

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27 November 2014 “My project for beauty”: the latest challenge of the king of cashmere

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28 August 2014 Schönheit und Würde

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05 October 2013 Pranzo with the FT: Brunello Cucinelli

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