La realtà imprenditoriale di Brunello Cucinelli

My dream of a lifetime has always been to make human work more human, arguing that work enhances human dignity.

A Humanistic company

The history

In 1978 the initial core of a company was established driven by the desire to create a different way of doing business in the twenty-first century; it was to be based on a contemporary form of humanism that over the years the international press has identified as a “humanistic” capitalism, where profit can be sought without damaging mankind.

Its clients view Brunello Cucinelli as an expression of a sophisticated concept of contemporary lifestyle and the brand is firmly rooted in quality excellence, Italian craftsmanship and creativity; these pillars are considered the foundations on which sustainable growth can be built in the long run.


Brunello Cucinelli investor - La nostra realtà During my lifetime I have always nurtured a dream: useful work to achieve an important goal. I have always felt that business profit alone was not enough to fulfil my dream and a higher purpose was to be found.

Dignity and Guardianship

Brunello Cucinelli un'impresa umanistica ed etica

“We have always striven to act as guardians of the creation”.
“Humanistic company, ethics and production... I found it increasingly difficult not to adopt a concept of work and human action based on positivity and belief in the future”.

Culture and beauty

Il nome di Brunello Cucinelli sinonimo di cultura e bellezza

Culture and beauty emphasize human creativity; they are inspiring values.
These principles enable Brunello Cucinelli to blend tradition and modernity in a single picture, to smoothly combine corporate objectives and human needs, and to work in harmony between the local and the global dimensions.