Italian craftmanship and manual skills

“Italian craftsmanship and manual skills mean complete focus on the quality of the raw materials and manufacturing, attention to detail, passion for beauty and the recognition of talented people who can make items that are sought after across the globe”

Brunello Cucinelli modello d'impresa

Italian craftsmanship and manual skills epitomise the beauty of our products, our culture, our identity. Being acknowledged as “artisanal industrialists” is a value that is maintained over time; the whole world is fascinated by the products from our land, by our care in choosing raw materials, by our search for high quality and creativity in each single step of the production chain.
The collection proposal features artisanal products that are strictly made in Italy by over 364 craftsmen workshops that are highly qualified to perform each production phase. They are mainly located in Umbria, in the immediate vicinity of the factory and Solomeo.
Our customers place Brunello Cucinelli at the top of the luxury segment thanks to the exclusivity of Made in Italy combined with the brand’s presence in the best locations on the luxury high streets of the world’s leading cities.

The brand allure acknowledged by customers is fuelled by the sustainability of the business model and the close relationship that Brunello Cucinelli has been able to build with local artisans over the years, in a winning combination of local and global dimensions.

The artisanal production

Absolute excellence of product quality, firmly grounded in the Made in Italy philosophy and
outstanding artisanal capabilities of the region


Raw materials

  • L'impresa di Brunello Cucinelli
  • Brunello Cucinelli esclusività italiana

Sourcing of top-quality raw materials

  • The company is directly responsible for the selection and sourcing of raw materials through the best Italian suppliers
  • Suppliers are selected based on their top-notch quality, reliability and ability to produce innovative materials
  • The relationship with suppliers is very close, fair and long-lasting



  • Brunello Cucinelli sinonimo diartigianalità italiana
  • Brunello Cucinelli artigianalità italiana e Made in Italy
  • Il Modello Imprenditoriale di Brunello Cucinelli
  • Brunello Cucinelli esclusività del lavoro manuale

Italian highly-qualified and specialised craftsmen workshops, mostly based in Umbria

  • A manufacturing model based on outsourcing production to some 355 artisanal manufacturers (textile workshops). These are selected based on their excellent skills and specialisation in the different production stages.
  • The artisanal workshops are mainly based in Umbria - a world-renowned “District for excellence” in knitwear - and selected based on their skills and the heritage of their region of origin
  • The company provides ongoing and active support through a partnership based on trust
  • Stringent and ongoing quality controls are performed across the entire value chain and the different production phases


  • FOTO 1 - SS21
  • FOTO 2 - SS21

“Chic prêt-à-porter, an expression of everyday luxury”

  • The allure of the brand translates into a “prêt-à-porter” proposal that consumers see as “exclusive” and representative of a “contemporary luxury lifestyle”
  • Tradition of excellence, with superior quality offering
  • Wholly Made in Italy craftsmanship, a unique combination of luxury, beauty and contemporary Italian style through an unceasing search for creativity and exclusivity