The allure of the brand is reflected in an exclusive ready-to-wear offering that expresses the entire Brunello Cucinelli universe; end consumers define it as “an exclusive and contemporary lifestyle”.

The offering of truly Italian, top quality products is combined with a style that we believe luxury high-end consumers consider to be sophisticated and with a refined taste, developed within a business model that has always been sensitive to sustainability and healthy, “gracious” growth.

The brand’s selected presence in the leading cities and resorts worldwide, as well as in the most exclusive sales spaces in multibrand and luxury department stores, supports and strengthens the positioning acknowledged to it by the end customer, i.e. at the top end of the luxury segment.

The offering, an expression of everyday luxury, is presented under the unique Brunello Cucinelli brand and it includes a complete collection of clothing, accessories and lifestyle, which has evolved constantly over the years from its origins in the world of cashmere.

The expanding demand for “exclusive luxury” products testifies to an evolving consumer, who is now sophisticated and receptive not only to quality, but also to the production process and the sustainability, dignity and ethics of the manufacturer.

Exclusive positioning

The sustainability of the business model and the consistent and ongoing focus on brand prestige ensure a firm position in the high end of the luxury segment.

The allure of the brand is expressed by a proposal that started from specialised knitwear products and became an exclusive Prêt-à-porter offering that expresses the entire Brunello Cucinelli universe; end consumers themselves define it as “a modern and contemporary lifestyle”.

Product evolution: from Cashmere to “Lifestyle”

Chic prêt-à-porter. Expression of Everyday Luxury

  • Total Look and Lifestyle offering
  • Tireless search for new trends, developments and innovations in style, look and fabrics
  • Offer targeting sophisticated customers with a refined taste both for womenswear and menswear
  • Modern and contemporary style that allows for cross-age collections

Cashmere and knitwear – the DNA of the company

  • The product category that has made the brand world famous
  • The international press often calls Brunello Cucinelli “The King of Cashmere”
  • Wide range of products, both for men and women

The Women's collection: SS 23

The collection is built around the idea of a “female explorer”. The highest-quality materials, artisanal workmanship and the refined, elegant, luxurious and discreet style that is distinctive to Brunello Cucinelli reinterprets functional components and inspiration from nautical and adventurer uniforms. Craftsmanship’s cultural patrimony is the starting point for exploring proposals that are as innovative as they are everyday, traversing a rich interplay of references to the classics with a desire to establish new, dynamic and effortless style.

The collection develops in a versatile, relaxed and easy-going manner, centred on the idea of ‘fluid tailoring’, even for the most important occasions: the new matching sets offer a casual yet feminine and refined alternative to dresses, jumpsuits and suits. Knitwear has been developed as true Couture Knitwear; thanks to a very high level of artisanship it represents a feminine and contemporary element that balances out the sartorial foundations of the collection.

The Men's collection: SS 23

Born from the convergence of new trends and artisan expertise, the men’s collection fully expresses a taste for laid-back elegance, founded on a refined yet relaxed balance between sophistication and verve. A skillful nonchalance that feeds on the knowledge of tradition and offers a new interpretation of style: fresh, innovative, and capable of conveying harmony and coherence for any occasion.

The real protagonist of the season is the suit. An interpreter of business elegance as much as of daily, leisure and summer dressing. The calibrated softness of knitwear volumes, trousers, T-shirts and shirts boost the sense of ease and comfort of the contemporary suits and of casual style alike. The knowledgeable union of natural fibers, special textures and mélange or délavé effects that give depth to the colours enhance the most lightweight fabrics.