Council for Human Sustainability and Humanistic Capitalism

Established in 2020 by the Board of Directors, the Council for Human Sustainability and Humanistic Capitalism[1] is a mixed steering committee comprising 10 members – 6 directors and 4 employees/managers of the Company, as well as Brunello Cucinelli in the role of president – that is tasked with assisting the BoD in promoting a culture of Human Sustainability and Humanistic Capitalism inside the Group and in coordinating the relevant activities.

Specifically, the Council shares, with the BoD and internal advisory committees, policies that are based on the principles of corporate social responsibility and sustainable business success and that especially take into account aspects pertaining to ethics, human sustainability, human rights and environmental protection, as well as a balanced relationship with the land and animals.

The Council promotes the continuous integration of national and international best practices into the Company’s corporate governance and the integration of environmental, social and governance factors into its corporate strategies, by monitoring the Company’s rankings in terms of sustainability on the fi nancial markets and initiatives dedicated to the local communities and stakeholders.

Council for Harmony with Creation is assisted, in the fulfillment of its tasks, by the interdepartmental Human Sustainability Team having propositional and advisory functions on the matter with respect to the Council and the BoD.

The Board of Directors, however, is ultimately responsible for strategic decisions and activities regarding sustainability.

[1] Formerly called the Council of Harmony with Creation - for morality, ethics and the dignity of the human being