Guardianship is the tool of care.

Human Sustainability

Human Sustainability

The idea of Human Sustainability represent the guide and foundation of the company, where profit, giving back, custody, and the dignity of the human being live in mutual enrichment.

For us this means "working and living in harmony with Creation", dedicating particular attention to the care of the human being, the relationship with the earth and animals, the climate and emissions, as we have highlighted in the decalogue of "Our ideals for life and work".

The healthy and sustainable balance between profit and giving back, the way to reconcile work and human privacy, the desire to repair and reuse, are core values of our Casa di Moda and we have always tried to direct our activity following these high and noble principles.


We have allowed ourselves to divide this human sustainability into four branches: Sustainability with Creation, Economic, Moral and Cultural.

Sustainability with Creation includes issues related to Emissions, the relationship with the Earth and with Animals.

Economic sustainability refers to the conditions of the people who work with us, to our relationship with the so-called stakeholders and with all the human resources we deal with.

Moral sustainability refers to dignity in work and respect for the law.

Cultural sustainability embraces the Universal Library, a project of the "Brunello and Federica Cucinelli" foundation, the theatre, the library, the arts, the value of ingenuity and of the human being.


In view of the centrality of the themes of Human Sustainability, it was a great honour for us when President Draghi invited Brunello Cucinelli to deliver a speech on his idea of "Human Sustainability and Humanistic Capitalism" in front of the "great of the earth", who met last October at the G20 in Rome to discuss the important issues of the global environmental and the climate emergency.

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Targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 2028

Within such a panorama of harmony with nature and all beings, our Casa di Moda has always been very careful to cultivate a deep respect for the environment.

The commitment to contribute to the improvement of our planet's climate has always been part of our culture, where we have adopted a unique and indispensable production model on high craftsmanship and low emissions.

Nevertheless, we are constantly striving to reduce our externalities by seizing all the opportunities that scientific development offers us, and we try with great responsibility to transfer this very serious commitment to all our partners and along the entire supply and production chain.


In this regard, the Board of Directors held on 14 December 2021 has approved the plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, consistent with the principles of the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi), to which we will submit our targets by the end of the year.

As part of this, our commitment will be, over the 2019 - 2028 10-year plan period, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 60% in terms of economic intensity, and in absolute terms by 70% for scope 1 and 2 emissions and by 22.5% for scope 3.

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