Region and people


“Economic balance is essential for every enterprise, but if capital is important for development, the people who can fully express their personality with their work and through their work are all the more important: people are the soul of any enterprise”

Brunello Cucinelli is a genuine expression of the Umbrian region. The humanistic vision, the search for Beauty and the passion for original handcrafted products are generated by the beauty of the landscape that recalls a Renaissance painting, with its fortified villages, churches, castles and towers standing out against the hills.

Spiritual tension, a philosophy of work and the attention to workforce have their roots in an extraordinary medieval history, enlightened by the religious experiences of Saint Francis of Assisi and Saint Benedict of Norcia, by Giotto’s frescoes in the Assisi cathedral and the works of Perugino.

Brunello Cucinelli carefully safeguards the sensitivity and values of this land; his products preserve its charisma and keep telling its story.

All this is made possible thanks to generous people, their daily commitment, their shared history and their skilled hands intertwined in their common work.

The region of Umbria has always featured mysticism and action, holiness and energy, mild landscapes and imposing fortifications.

Brunello Cucinelli is living proof that it is possible to return to integrity: in the artisanal dimension of everyday work, Solomeo is currently experiencing a new, utterly contemporary balance.