Shareholders' Meetings

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Ordinary Shareholders’ Meeting convened for April 19th, 2021

Please refer to the information detailed in the notice of call available on this website, under the section "Notifications and forms (2021)" and disseminated by way of the authorised storage mechanism "eMarket Storage".

Rules and regulations of the Meeting

  • Rules of Procedure Shareholders Meetings

Notifications and forms

  • Excerpt of the Notice of call of Shareholders Meeting

  • Notice of call of Shareholders' Meeting

  • Proxy to Appointed Agent

  • Proxy

  • Instructions of voting by mail

Meeting’s documents

  • Minutes of Shareholders Meeting (Italian version only)

  • Shareholders' Meeting Voting Report

  • Corporate Governance Report FY 2017

  • Report on Remuneration

  • Directors Report Ex Art 125 Ter TUF item 1 and 2 of the agenda

  • Directors Report Ex Art 125 Ter TUF item 3 of the agenda

  • Information on Share Capital