Shareholders' Meetings

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Shareholders' Meeting of 29 April 2019

The shareholder's Meeting has approved the Company's 2018 separate financial statements, showing a net profit of € 52,1 million, and the distribution of a Dividend(1) of € 0,30 euro per share. The Report on Remuneration has been approved.

(1) Gross of any legal withholdings

Rules and regulations of the Meeting

  • Rules of Procedure Shareholders Meetings

Notifications and forms

  • Excerpt of the Notice of call of Shareholders Meeting

  • Notice of call of Shareholders' Meeting

  • Proxy to Appointed Agent

  • Proxy

  • Instructions of voting by mail

Meeting’s documents

  • Minutes of Shareholders Meeting (Italian version only)

  • Shareholders' Meeting Voting Report

  • Corporate Governance Report FY 2018

  • Report on Remuneration

  • Directors Report Ex Art 125 Ter TUF item 1 and 2 of the agenda

  • Directors Report Ex Art 125 Ter TUF item 3 of the agenda

  • Information on Share Capital